RISE with SAP was not a new product like SAP HANA when it was launched in 2011. Instead of creating a new set of features, RISE with SAP is described as a bundle of SAP assets. It focuses on providing customers with business transformation as a service.

RISE with SAP Basics

RISE with SAP helps an organization to start with cloud SAP solutions. It speeds up cloud adoption for its advantage of immense guesswork and piecemeal license purchases for enterprise planning. It provides clients with all the necessary tools they require. The solution has been developed after analyzing customer trends and other in-house research of SAP products. It mainly revolves around six core areas of business.

SAP has a history of inventing simpler and highly efficient workflows for its products. For example, the simplification lists incorporated with every launch of SAP S/4HANA and the idea of a centralized source of fiscal truth for accountants to use in reporting. RISE with SAP draws inspiration from similar ideas and bundles itself in a set of “ones,” known as:

This is mainly beneficial for organizations with smaller budgets, IT footprints, or technical expertise looking to shift to SAP without putting a hole in their company’s budget. The basic idea here is to provide more flexible implementation and restructuring as per the company’s needs.

Solutions Included in RISE with SAP

Those who purchase a RISE with SAP license get access to tools, solutions, and services in the following areas:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite

This flagship enterprise of SAP is for organizations that don’t want to run the solution on-premise. The resource planning suite includes a collection of business solutions that analyze finances, supply chain and management relationships, R&D, and sales, with more options under planning. It runs on SAP HANA, which offers real-time business analytics.

System Hosting Options

Since SAP S/4HANA Cloud runs smoothly on the cloud, clients need to select a system host. While SAP allows clients to run the solution on SAP servers, a variety of hyperscalers also provide the ability to host an SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution. These include Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

The SAP Business Network Starter Pack is a set of solutions that helps clients to connect with trading partners involved in the supply chain process, such as carriers, suppliers, and other assets. The pack assists managers in finding suppliers with ease, tracking assets in transit, managing inventory, increasing transparency with customers via a grievance-redressal mechanism, merging maintenance processes and asset management, perform effective analytics, and more.

SAP BTP Consumption Credits

Since every business is different, SAP offers RISE with SAP license holders with cloud credits to utilize in diverse areas of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) rather than offering a bundle of pre-defined tools for a narrow range of functions.

SAP BTP is a platform-as-a-service concentrated around the intelligent enterprise. It includes all of the functionality that was earlier part of the sunset SAP Cloud Platform brand name. The four pillars focus on analytics, database and data management, application development and integration with non-SAP solutions, and intelligent technologies.

Business Process Intelligence

There are seven key components of RISE with SAP’s Business Process Intelligence. Below is a brief on each option.

Paths to RISE with SAP

A company interested in RISE with SAP can set up the solution in multiple ways. While the customized business solutions included with RISE with SAP are from SAP, organizations can partner with a selected hyperscaler and systems integrator to get restructured implementation and administration assistance.

Consulting Firms/System Integrators

Multiple consultancies concentrate on systems integration, partnered with SAP for RISE. These include but are not limited to Deloitte, Capgemini, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services Accenture, EY, Wipro Limited, HCL Technologies, and Cognizant.


SAP has a strong network of thousands of partners with SAP expertise. Rather than requiring clients to work directly with SAP, they can also hire these experts to set up and run SAP, restructure it to meet specific needs of the businesses, and more. Numerous systems integrators listed above are considered SAP partners.

Software Partners

Currently, AWS, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Google are available as primary cloud hosts for RISE with SAP. However, there is immense scope for the growth of other private cloud hosts too.

Final Thoughts

SAP is working and has given multiple hints now towards their interest in becoming a cloud-first company. RISE with SAP is effectively helping in overcoming multiple hurdles that numerous existing on-premise and SAP ERP clients are facing. By amalgamating what was once disparate (maintenance and licensing, for example) into one offering, they’ve paved the way for easier cloud implementations.

This product is still very new in the market, so if you have any doubts about RISE with SAP, it is recommended to get an SAP expert opinion on its official website. You can also participate in multiple online SAP communities on social media platforms for reviews.

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