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Top businesses across multiple industries trust AAKIT as a long-term partner that can effectively implement high-ROI SAP solutions that create immense value.

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Our multi-decade experience across multiple industries enables us to better understand the unique challenges and perspectives of our clients. We help you see the problems differently, develop an optimal mix of SAP-powered solutions, and achieve consistent results that bridge the gap between what is and what can be.


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Our expertise enables us to develop and implement effective SAP solutions to combat the issues faced by businesses across various industries

Industrial Machinery and Components

We help the Industrial Machinery and Components (IMC) businesses make breakthrough decisions that address their pressing concerns through efficient and pragmatic solutions.

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With massive disruptions in the form of new technologies, increased consumer expectations, and new competitors with advanced business models - the IMC businesses need effective and optimized solutions that can elevate their performance through the good and the bad times.


With more than 3 decades of experience working with some of the leading IMC businesses, we have positioned ourselves to better understand your unique challenges, and realize the importance of taking bold actions to rebuild supply chains, improve production, and prioritize resource-utilization to realize your vision of securing a firm hold on the future. Click here to find out more.

Wholesale Distribution

With the Wholesale Distribution industry undergoing a huge transformation - we believe that it is critical to implement high-impact strategies both quickly and effectively.

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Disruptions in the Wholesale Distribution industry - in the form of new technologies, increased consumer expectations, and changing supply chain dynamics - present new opportunities and challenges - faster than many businesses can keep pace. 


Our dedicated team has helped some of the leading Wholesale Distributors to successfully plan, execute, monitor, and close projects using a tailored blend of SAP solutions to not only overcome today’s challenges but also prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. Click here to find out more.


We bring our deep chemical industry experience to consistently achieve positive results across both favorable and unfavorable market environments.

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From being a consistent outperformer with continual growth to the increased expectations of sustainable expansion in an increasingly turbulent world – the chemical industry of today is a very exciting, yet a very complex and challenging place to be. 


Our dedicated team works closely with the leading chemical businesses by providing them with effective SAP solutions that have enabled them to optimize procedures, connect disparate systems, and enhance overall competitiveness in a rapidly changing market ecosystem. Click here to find out more.

Paper and Packaging

We work with the leading Paper and Packaging businesses to make the best strategic decisions that enhance their capabilities in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Even as increasing digitalization reduces the demand for paper and paper products, it presents a host of new opportunities in the form of easier access to new markets, expansive supply chains, and improved procurement of raw materials. 


We have worked with the top Paper and Packaging businesses and have taken an active role in helping them implement an optimal blend of SAP solutions that have enabled them to individualize products, outgrow competitors, and smoothen profitability year after year. Click here to find out more.

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