An ERP application can be complex to manage. It not only helps in running your business operations smoothly but also helps in planning and monitoring performances inside the organization. Because of this there is an innate need to keep up with the market dynamics which change frequently. AAKIT Technologies has a support team of 30+ individuals. The team is available to help and support these needs in an organization. With an abundant pool of a trained team with knowledge available in supporting any challenges faced by the customer. AAKIT is well equipped to run and support businesses nationally as well as internationally.


• Onsite Support

• Offshore Support

• Shared Offshore

• Hybrid Support

• App-based Support

With an effort through tried and tested expertise, the support team resolves the issues. From complexissues to customised request, the AAKIT team gives you a hands on experience in the applications. 30+ of ERP experience makes AAKIT the right partner along with right qualifications and good conversations to accompany it.

Application Management Services

AAKIT AMC services include -

• Support Management & Governance

• Application Software installation and patch maintenance

• Provision of platform for support requests

• Incident Management

• Change Requests Management

• Configuration

• Custom Development

• Status updates

• Training

• Testing (Internal Testing)

• Guidance

• Documentation

• Audit query support

• Tax compliance support

• Financial book closure support