Leadership Team

Put a face to the name you have been hearing for over 3 decades. Abundant with knowledge and experience our team has a cumulative experience of 50+ years. Building our network through long-term partnership, we make your business scale at a faster rate and a stable pace.

Tayeb Barodawala | Founder-CEO

Tayeb Barodawala


The strategic mastermind, and founder of AAKIT Technologies, Tayeb Barodawala has extensive experience of more than 35 years in I.T consulting, management and technology. His work experience has been across India, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East. Tayeb’s understanding of business processes and technology makes him a trusted advisor to top management.

Tayeb is responsible for the strategy and direction at AAKIT. He believes in building long lasting relationships and advocates openness and transparency as the cornerstone of all customer engagements

Jayalakshmi Nagarajan | COO

Jayalakshmi Nagarajan


Directly responsible for the global delivery of the consulting and application management services of AAKIT, Jayalakshmi is the liaison between the various teams, operations and management at AAKIT Technologies.

Her knack for strategy & design thinking and its application helps identify the key target points and deliver the most appropriate solutions. With more than 20 years in the IT industry, Jaya has proven herself to be an acknowledged leader who is adept in managing large and diverse teams.

Afrin Baig | Head - Human Resources

Afrin Baig

Head - Human Resources

The people’s person, Afrin is instrumental in the development of human resource and capital at AAKIT Technologies. She is responsible for Talent Acquisition, HR Relations, Training and Development, and Administration at AAKIT.
Her accomplishments in applying people-oriented strategies keeps the staff motivated and coordinated; these strategies have helped AAKIT Technologies scale great feats by ensuring the team strives to deliver their best.