Industry Specialisation

Intelligent enterprises start the transformation journey in their home industry. AAKIT along with SAP offers solutions driven by intelligent technologies for best-practice business processes that help you run better in the experience economy.

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Aakit Digital Transformation

SAP Solutions For Wholesale Distribution

Expand beyond traditional industry boundaries and become a proactive, insight-driven distributor with wholesale distribution solutions from SAP.

SAP Solutions For IMC

Ensure superior customer experience, deliver personalized products and solutions at scale and as a service with industrial manufacturing software.

Aakit SAP Implementation and Rollout
Aakit Application Management Services

SAP Solutions For Chemical Industry

Drive higher value outcomes and new customer experiences through innovative products, services, and business models with SAP solutions for chemicals.

SAP Solutions For Paper and Packaging Industry

Enable new sales models, omnichannel engagement, profit-driven supply chains, and streamlined plant operations.

Aakit Custom Development Services