Business Solutions

AAKIT “Intlgnt-IMC”
Intelligent solution for Discrete Manufacturing Companies

AAKIT’s solution for Discrete Manufacturing companies is based on SAP S/4HANA Intelligent ERP.

A digital core is the foundation for the core processes that need to run consistently and flexibly. AAKIT’s Intlgnt-IMC provides uninterrupted, real-time transactions and analytics, the ability to work with Big Data, Real Time Analytics, Mobility and more.

Integrated Solution to manage your business.

Simplified processes across Sales, Procurement, Planning, Production and Accounting.

Big data in real time along the entire value chain.

Built-in analytics for immediate insight to action.

Simplified user experience across all device.

Create value for money and build a lasting relationship

AAKIT believes that engagements with customers do not end with implementing a solution, deploying resources or even on “Go-Live”.

AAKIT’s team is committed to enhance the business benefits, create value for money and build a lasting relationship. This mantra of AAKIT is the reason for being treated as a trusted advisor to organizations

Scope & Timelines

Offering Description Timelines
Commercial + Manufacturing ‘IntlgntMfg’ Procurement, Receipt, Inventory, Sales, Delivery, Invoicing, Production, Quality, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank, ,Cash, Assets. Go Live in 4 months + 1 Month Post Go Live Support.
AAKIT ‘Intlgnt – IMC’ Option 1 Option 2
Licenses 25 users
INR 21,00,000/- + Taxes
45 users
INR 33,00,000/- + Taxes
Implementation SAP Modules : FI, CO, MM,
SAP Modules : FI, CO, MM,

Business Solutions

AAKIT with its unmatched expertise, capability, confidence, commitment and research has build solutions that helps customers transform their business performance.

With dedicated solutions for industry verticals, customers are able to quickly start using a solution which is extensively mapped for their business with minimal new inputs thus optimizing implementation timelines drastically, improving quality of the delivery and unleashing full potential of SAP.