A colourful journey

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From times immemorial, the whole world has been based on a huge barter system. While it used to be very simple to begin with: bananas for milk, milk for vegetables, etc., we long moved on to bigger and increasingly complicated things. Food, money, land, set in and this were still comprehensible. Then came futures, derivatives […]

Relatively relatable….

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“Area of relatedness”. This is one of the key topics according to me. What’s relevant for me may not be relevant for someone else. What’s difficult for me might be an insignificant topic for others. How many times have you experienced this?: you are participating in discussions where the different parties present are talking the […]

For the people, by the people

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The more and more I interact with people, talk about technology or hear about huge transformation projects, the more it becomes clearer to me that the skills, knowledge, technology, etc., are all but a small contributor towards the goal of total transformation. That, my friends, still remains with people. The platforms for communication may have […]

Chop chop!

I am reminded of a story I read in a recent SM forward. No no, I won’t fill up my article with a mindless copy-paste, but to bring the area of relatedness and cutting to the chase here’s what it was about…… A question by Arjun to Krishna prompts the story about how Karna was […]

For all the do-ers out there

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In this big big technology world where a daily dose of knowledge derived out of the combination of newspapers, various news feeds from the internet, LinkedIn posts, Quora articles, etc etc. is required to literally ‘stay afloat’ or ‘in-touch’ / ‘updated’ with the happenings around us, it’s a daily challenge to break out and do […]

Express expression

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Expression is critical to progress. We do live in a free country and have the privelege of this freedom. How lucky! Digital age presents a vast range of avenues to express. You can take to any socializing platform to express yourself. Numbers, presentations, theory, books, sketches, poetry, articles, blogs, music, drama are just some of […]

Staying relevant always

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I’m writing in from the super hot and super humid Chennai city! As I walk down the streets I see people’s faces and wonder if the number 1 thought on their minds is indeed a cold beverage and a comfortable couch in an air conditioned room to crash in! It really cannot be the market […]

Global tuning

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Long stretches of desert land, crazy heights of buildings (and yes, of course the one that touches the sky almost – the Burj Khalifa), the fastest elevator in the world, obscene loads of gold, countless people wanting to explore the world, endless possibilities, ferocious dreams, aggressive ambition, internationally diverse teams, culturally inclined but globally tuned, religiously oriented […]


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We human beings, have this perception that our needs and desires are known to us. We are well connected with what we want. Quite the contrary actually. In fact, when we were young, we had things to say like, I want to rule this country, I wish to travel to the moon and so on. […]

Human skills for a more humane techno world

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What came first? Chicken or egg? Don’t know. It will remain an age old unanswered question and a favourite rhetorical at that!  Who was the weaker side in the Mahabharata war? The Kauravas or the Pandavas? Did the presence of Krishna tilt the favour towards the Pandavas? Did the absence of Barbarik make the sides […]