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In repetitive manufacturing, the products are produced on a certain production line over a longer period of time. Total quantity is produced according to a certain production rate over a certain period of time. Thus this is period and quantity oriented production and not an order related. The organizations have to manage Mass Production Planning Process, integration with available inventory, line loading capacity balancing to produce the goods.

In a competitive environment, managing mass production is always a tight rope walking situation to cut the production costs and ensure maximum profitability. The cost reporting and analysis ensures the desired results.

AAKIT’s comprehensive cost effective All-in-one solution support companies moving forward in today’s dynamic economy. The solution is designed around mission critical business scenarios. The focus is on a winning strategy that fuels sustainable profitable growth through innovation to better meet customer needs.

Aakit comes to you with a ready to use SAP solution, which could be rapidly implemented and thus reducing the lead-time and total cost of ownership.

An organization can manage business functions like mass production by use of production lines, line loading and capacity balancing, inventory management, quality management, sales, logistics and accounting, it is the solution which has all integrated together.

Repetitive manufacturing is used for various industries, such as the consumer packaged goods industry, electronic industry, packaging industry, automobile etc.

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