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AAKIT is a business consulting and services company aligning technology to meet business needs of enterprises. AAKIT provides effective, reliable and comprehensive business solutions. AAKIT provides SAP Implementation, Application Management, Upgrade, Rollout and enhancement services to organizations. With a sound understanding of business needs, strong delivery system and incorporation of Best Practices, AAKIT is committed to deliver business benefits and ensure that the customer derives maximum value from its I.T. investment.

AAKIT’s Team has expert business process and domain knowledge in a variety of industries and business environments. The team’s entrepreneurial skills, experience and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, management and operations provide the strong foundation and leadership for AAKIT’s continued growth.

Both in times of volatility and stability AAKIT has a focus on building long lasting relationships. Commitment, transparency and openness are the core values of AAKIT and an integral part of its DNA
Core Values – ACREDO

Respect for customers and quality interaction with them.


Respect for individuals at all levels in the organization.


High integrity, ethics and transparency in all external and internal dealings and actions.


No discrimination based on origin, language, region, religion, color, caste, creed, nationality and sex.


Full compliance to laws of the countries where AAKIT Technologies does business

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