Partnering with customers to improve their business performance using SAPís advanced offerings, AAKIT offers enhancement and development services which empower customers to hold an edge over the competition.

AAKITís strength lies in understanding complex business processes, functionalities offered by SAPís suite of products, the labyrinth of data existing with the customer. Together with this, the ability to enhance such existing combination with more functionality suited for the customer and their industry is a niche service provided by AAKIT.

Such enhancements are always done keeping the business needs of the customer in mind with detailed impact analysis and an overall grasp of the futuristic goals of the management.

Application Management Services

Once SAP is implemented, AAKIT is here to provide complete on-going support in the RUN phase of the implementation to ensure customers not only sustain themselves on SAP but also use it to its complete business advantage.

AAKIT is a SAP Certified AMS provider and has a range of AMS engagements tailored to suit every customerís business need.

AAKITís Application Management team understands the dependability which an organization has on its critical business applications.

AAKIT has a dedicated 24x7 AMS organization with help desk, infrastructure and facilities to respond and resolve customer problems. A high level of engagement, robust process framework and in-depth domain knowledge ensure consistency and utmost satisfaction to customers.

Optimizations and Audits

AAKITís optimization and audit services are built on in-depth expertise in the functional and technical aspects of SAP. The result of an audit exercise leads to fine tuning or Ďoptimizationí of customers business processes. Optimization activities are also taken up in other areas like harmonizing technical landscapes.

AAKIT has helped customers achieve important objectives such as cutting down of redundant costs , improving timelines in business cycles, ensuring enhanced usage of an already implemented system, streamlining data gathered through various transactions to ensure effectiveness and decision making, all resulting in optimizing the overall organizational efficiency.

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