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Engineer to Order


Engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing scenario is used where there is need to design and manufacture customer specific products with high lead times that often cover several months. Generally in Industrial Machinery & Components and Aerospace, Defense industries, and in some segments of the High Tech and Automotive industries, this approach is widely used for custom-engineered products.

AAKITís comprehensive cost effective All-in-one solution support companies moving forward in todayís dynamic economy. The solution is designed around mission critical business scenarios. The focus is on a winning strategy that fuels sustainable profitable growth through innovation to better meet customer needs.

Aakit has a ready to use SAP solution, which could be rapidly implemented and thus reducing the lead-time and total cost of ownership. The solution fully integrates Production Planning with customer and Project management, Shop Floor Control, Inventory Management and Purchasing, Service Management, Sales and Accounting System to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Thus you can manage business functions like customer specific product orders, project based manufacturing integrated with customerís complex requirements, product change management, capacity planning and constraints, inventory management, sales, logistics and accounting, it is the solution which has all integrated together.

ETO manufacturing is widely used for custom-engineered products in the industrial machinery and components, aerospace and defense, high tech and automotive industries.

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