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Discrete manufacturing is order-based production in which there is frequent switching from one product to another. Each product is manufactured in individually defined lots. Costs are calculated for each order.

In this type of manufacturing there is usually change in sequence of work centers where the products are processed. The sequence of work centers is determined in routings, which can often be very complex. Semi-finished products are frequently placed in interim storage location prior to further processing. With production orders, component materials are withdrawn with specific reference to the individual production orders. Confirmations for the various steps and orders document the work progress and can be used for fine control.

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Aakit comes to you with a ready to use SAP solution, which could be rapidly implemented and thus reducing the lead-time and total cost of ownership.

The broad spectrum includes – a fully integrated Production Planning, Shop Floor Control, Inventory Management and Purchasing, Service Management, Sales and Accounting System to meet the diverse needs of your business.
A powerful solution based on business process specialization, giving you the power to face an increasingly competitive market place. With a range of solutions to address diverse business requirements, it helps you to streamline end-to-end business processes

Discrete manufacturing scenario is used in a variety of industries and industry sectors such as engineering, plant engineering, aerospace, automotive, electronics, consumer products, wood working, etc.

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