Business Consulting


AAKIT has a clear focus on delivering business solutions through state of the art Information Technology. We help companies transform into agile organizations with an emphasis on removing organizational barriers and an alignment between business and technology. Whilst there is agreement at the highest management levels that strategic investments in I.T. would give a competitive advantage to the organization there are also differences in prioritizing, selecting and deciding on such investments. At times managements are aware of the complexity and constraints with their existing processes but feel under equipped to deal with such issues.

We engage with top management in preparing an I.T. Strategy Roadmap for the organization. The roadmap spans identification, investment and outcomes of business intelligence and analytics, process automation, mobility and related technology initiatives. We bring together our industry vertical and process expertise to maximize the value of investments in I.T. Our emphasis is on devising a management framework which delivers measurable outcomes.

Our business consulting services are seamlessly integrated with the implementation and delivery services. We act as a catalyst for operations and process improvements and using a one size doesn’t fit all approach we deliver a unique service across all sectors.


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