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About Aequitas


Aequitas group is an international consulting organization with offices in Germany and United Arab Emirates. Aequitas serves its clients with strategy and management consulting, SAP process and application management services, Software development and ITIL Consulting.
Aequitas group works with customers in Europe such as Continental group, Volkswagen Kurber, Panasonic and others.

AAKIT and Aequitas have been working together since the year 2007. The partnership is stronger than before with Aequitas becoming a stakeholder in AAKIT taking its co-operation to a whole new level.

Commitment, Transparency and Openness are the core values around which the partnership is based and are Integral part of its DNA.

With Sound understanding of business needs and a global delivery system AAKIT and Aequitas provide Business solutions in SAP to customers’ worldwide.

Visit: www.aequitas-group.de

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